Standard Features and Specifications

 Printable VersionWalls & Stained Concrete


  • Open cell spray foam
  • R-value of 3.8 per inch
  • Entire “Living” Envelope of structure will be sprayed


  • USG, Gold Bond, or American Gypsum Sheet Rock
  • Green Board Used in Wet Areas
  • Ceilings are 5/8”; installed with screws
  • Walls are ½”; installed with screws
  • Materials are all USG
    • Bull nose rounded corners
    • Joint tape
    • Joint compound
    • Spray tuff texture
  • Texture – Orange Peal or Monterey Drag


  • Vinyl windows
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Low-E

Glass & Mirrors

  • Alumax Framed Shower Doors
    • J-mould
    • Enclosures
    • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Caroline Mirror Company
    • Flat mirrors
    • Ό" x 42” mirrors to be custom measured and installed over length of vanity tops
    • Trim molding – paint grade PM 6 molding w/ 45 degree angle
  • Tempered Glass
    • L.O.7.
    • Cardinal
    • PPG flat glass
    • Guardian flat glass


  • 42” Heatilator Icon 80 Single-Sided Wood Burning Fireplace (Higher End Quality Product)
  • Stone fireplace front – 18” hearth
  • Stone mantel


  • The house will be cleaned multiple times throughout the construction phase up to the move-in clean. These are the applications and materials used during this process.
    • Equipment and Application
      • - Standard shop vacuum - carpets
      • - Standard shop vacuum – windows/hard to get places “dead space”
      • - Rough window cleaning, sticker/debris removal w/ 4” razor blade
      • - Rough floor cleaning w/ cotton mop head
      • - Final floor cleaning w/ micro fiber mop head
      • - Pressure washing – 7.25 hp, 3000 psi
      • - Cleaning inside/outside window frames, mud removal w/ plastic putty blade
      • - Cleaning outside window frames, mortar, stucco removal with metal putty blade
      • - All cleaning/wiping applications, counter tops, windows, etc. with micro fiber cloths
    • Products and Chemicals
      • - Quat 267 – germicidal cleaner and deodorizer – surfaces, countertops, fixtures
      • - Lime remover – toilets, sinks
      • - Rid z Odor – water soluble cleaner and deodorizer – floors
      • - Goof Off – paint, varnish, caulk, sticker remover – windows, floors, fixtures, tubs
      • - Pledge wood protector
      • - Glass cleaner
      • - Marble top cleaner
      • - Stainless steel cleaner
      • - Muriatic acid (hazardous) – cleaning tile and grout
  • There will be a frame clean before house is sheet rocked, rough clean after sheet rock, and two cleans during trim out, and a final move-in clean.

Stained Concrete

  • Floors are covered to protect slab
  • Stain and Seal applied before or after sheet rock
  • Final clean and polish at the end of cleaning process
  • The coloring agents used in acid staining processes are not paint products. They are translucent stains which cause a chemical reaction to form color. Surface imperfections and inconsistencies are not covered up as they would be with paint. The marbling and variations in color and occasional surface irregularities enhance the natural appearance of the finished surface and are the reason acid stain is such a popular unique flooring option.
  • Expect to get different reactions from one surface to another and even within the borders of the same slab. Some characteristics are:
    • may not cover evenly
    • will not cover stain sealed or painted surfaces
    • will give different color on different batches of concrete
    • will not give exact color
    • may show concrete defects and blemishes through the stain
    • may show areas of discoloration through the stain
    • will not change surface texture of the concrete
    • samples to be provided on each and every foundation to narrow down color variations
    • non-structural hairline cracks in slab remain visible

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