Standard Features and Specifications

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  • Plumbers are Licensed, Registered and Regulated by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners.
  • Rough In Phase - Schedule 40 PVC drain lines installed in the foundation fill with correct grade fall. As a general rule, water lines in the foundation are restricted to incoming water supply and island water supply when there will be no common wall. Water lines in the foundation are insulated where they cross concrete beams. All hot water lines that run in the foundation are 100% insulated.
  • All lines to be tested.
  • Top Out Phase – Schedule 40 PVC is extended through the roof for venting and stub outs for individual drains. Unless otherwise agreed to, all roof penetrations are not to be visible from the street of the house. Water distribution lines are run overhead and insulated 100% in any attic space with out conditioned air and all outside walls. Valves in the wall (Tub, Shower/Tub, Washer etc.) are installed during the top out phase. Tubs, preformed shower units, attic water heaters and natural gas or LPG distribution lines are installed during this phase.
  • Fixtures Set Phase - Faucets and valve trim are installed, drains connected, water closets set, and water heaters installed.
  • Service lines for water, sewer, and LPG may be installed separately or in conjunction with any phase
  • Main water line to house is 1 ¼” schedule 40 PVC
  • All interior water lines are Viega FostaPex
  • All water heaters are tankless Rinnais

Heating & Air Conditioning

  • All HVAC systems are designed by state licensed HVAC mechanical contractor
  • 14 Seer Electric Heat Pumps Lennox/Trane (models/brands subject to change do to availability)
  • 7 day programmable Thermostat with vacation settings and dehumidification
  • R410-A environmental friendly Freon
  • High efficiency duct system
    • Specifically sized and designed to house
    • Hard cast @ fan coil and return air inlets to ensure durability and seal
    • Joints taped w/ passon pressure seal duct tape
    • Supported by wood or nylon straps every 6 ft.
  • R-6 Flexible Ducting
    • Attached to duckboard w/ metal collar, inner liner taped, outer line and insulation strapped and sealed w/ air seal 33
    • Secured w/ nylon straps every 4 ft.
    • Limited to 10 ft. or less, unless framing or design prohibits
  • Drain Lines
    • Primary drain tie into plumbing drainage system and insulated at pan coil first 6 ft and to exit exterior at the condensing unit if framing allows
  • Ventilation
    • Stove vents exit at roof using 8 inch or larger metal pipe
    • Exhaust vents exit at the soffit vent
  • Refrigerant Line Sets
    • Suction line insulated w/ ½ inch wall insulation on interior, 1 inch in exterior
    • Line sets taped together every 3 ft. and strapped to framing every 6 ft.
  • Hart Colly registers
  • Slabs for compressors included in flatwork.


  • All electricians are licensed by the State of Texas with Master electrician supervision.
  • All electrical installations are per the National Electric Code (NEC).
  • 320 Amp Main Electrical Service to Home (unless otherwise noted)
  • Main Service Wire - Aluminum
  • Interior Wiring - Copper
  • Switches - PAS & SYMOUR or comparable décor type (rocker type) back and side wiring
  • Receptacles - PAS & SYMOUR or comparable type side wired only
  • Electrical Panels - G.E. or comparable type all copper buss
  • Breakers - Compatible to the type of electrical panels being used
  • Circuits - Protected by a minimum of a 20 amp circuit breaker
  • Bedroom Circuits - Protected by a 20 amp ARC FAULT type circuit breaker
  • Bathrooms, Kitchen Counters, Garages, & Exterior Circuits protected by a 20 amp GFCI type circuit breaker
  • Smoke Detectors wired in series

Propane & Natural Gas

  • 250 gallon underground propane tank
  • ¾" Poly Pipe sleeved w/ 1 ½" pvc
  • In-House Specifications:
    • Corrugated stainless steel tubing/ black pipe in exterior walls
    • “Gastite” CSST pipe (1/2” to 1”)
    • “Gastite” Manafold
    • Nail plates where applicable

Low Voltage

  • Wire Specifications:
    • Telephone – category 5e (24ga.) Genesis brand
    • Computer – category 5e (24ga.) Genesis Brand
    • Cable/Satellite TV – RG-6 coax Essex brand (18ga.)
    • Audio wiring – 2 and 4 conductor (16ga.) Genesis brand
    • Wiring enclosures and modules – Leviton
    • Trim plates – Leviton, Pass and Seymour
    • Security – 2 and 4 conductor (22ga.) Honeywell brand
  • Low Voltage features:
    • 6 Telephone Drops w/Trim Plates
    • 5 TV/Satellite Drops w/Trim Plates
    • 1 combination Telephone/Data Drop w/Trim Plate (For an additional charge, Telephone Drops can be converted to combination Telephone/Data Drops)
    • Security Pre-wire - All windows, perimeter doors, 2 motion detectors and 3 keypads
    • Pre-wired 5.1 channel surround sound in 1 room
    • Pre-wired audio (2 speakers and 1 volume control) in 2 other locations (master bedroom & rear patio unless specified otherwise) Speakers and volume controls are not included
    • 1 Wire enclosure box with connection block

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